3W2 Rehabilitation Construction of Taxiway/ramp and new parallel taxiway on the east side of runway is completed.
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Airport History

In operation since 1930, Put-in-Bay Airport has serviced the community. Still today, the island depends on air service to transport passengers, frieght, mail & goods during the winter months.

Airline services provide transporation for the school kids on our sister island Middle Bass. The kids are flown in daily to attend school on the Put-in-Bay. Some of the school's teachers are flown in as well from the mainland.

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"Tin Goose"
The Ford TRIMOTER, produced by FORD Motor Co. was manufactured in Detroit , MI between 1926 & 1932. It was the first all-metal airliner and carried 15 people. It was used by all major airlines including American and  TWA .
The Trimotor was retired in 1974 and replaced by a newer plane, the  Britten Norman BN-2 Islander. After that a fleet of small single-engine took over. The Cessna & Piper aircrafts are still in service today.

In 1932  the islands began recieving their daily mail by plane, as still does to this day.

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